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the Timex 53501 GPS Watch Hey guys!

I posted earlier that I was so disappointed when I headed out in the dark this morning to use my new Timex 53501 and discovered that the Indiglo light didn't work. I called Bodylink.us (the on-line distributor so many of us in the Marathon Walkers egroup have been purchasing from) and talked with Al directly. What a GREAT guy! He said that he will ship me a brand new Timex tomorrow and that I can return the one I have once the replacement arrives. He's also going to provide me with a prepaid shipping label for the return item so I don't have to pay any charges!

Just wanted to pass along the update and let everyone know that they are dealing with a really classy outfit.

Becky B.

the Timex 52832 GPS Watch

Re: Timex 52832 GPS

I've had my GPS Watch for about a week and a half now and I'm really happy with it. It is accurate and I don't even notice the Garmin transceiver on my upper arm now. A good friend got one about a week before I did and he had trouble finding the GPS signal at first. It turned out that he was stepping outside, turning it on and immediately taking off running. I read the Timex.com website instructions (under troubleshooting) that you should stand still until the unit locks on to a signal before starting. It takes just a few minutes the very first time you turn it on, but only about 30 seconds after that it take s around 30 seconds of less (it memorizes your "GPS region" after it powers up the first time)!

I agree about eBay. I looked at GPS watches there before I bought at  Bodylink.us because the eBay prices are not better than Al's. By the time you add shipping and handling eBay was higher.

I received a letter right after placing my order with a confirmation of the order (that was on a Saturday night). Then Monday morning I received a 2nd email telling me that the GPS watch had been shipped and giving me a tracking number. It arrived on Wednesday.

All the best,

the Timex GPS 53991 Watch Dear Sirs,

Am I on Candid Camera? Give me a break, you guys can't be that good!

I called you on Thursday 9/5 about your Timex GPS Speed/Distance Watch 53991 which you advertise at a price significantly less than any other website. You told me if I ordered it "today" it would be shipped "tomorrow" and I'd receive it in California "probably" on Tuesday 9/10!

Well, my mother always told me if a deal was too good to be true, it probably was. I tried to check you out by calling Timex, and the Cleveland BBB, but nothing positive and nothing negative had been reported. I then called VISA and they assured me I could challenge the charge if I didn't receive the merchandise. I'd lost a day checking so it was Friday 9/6 by the time I placed my order. You told me it would be shipped "tomorrow".

When I questioned that "tomorrow" was Saturday you shared that your Post Office was open on Saturday, and felt reasonably sure that I'd get my watch the following Wednesday (9/11).

Well, to make a long story shorter, I gambled and placed the order.

Incredibly, my watch arrived today, Monday 9/9, in California, 2000 miles away. Not only did you charge me just $4.75 shipping when your actual cost is $6.20, but your discounted prices are the lowest on the net!

If you EVER need to provide a reference to a similar "doubting Thomas", please feel free to give them my email address or phone number. My daughter is also a runner, and I'll be ordering her Timex Christmas present from you soon.

Again, thanks and keep up the good work !!!

Dave P.
Simi Valley, CA


the Timex 54012 GPS Watch To the group at RunnersWorld.com,

Is the Timex GPS a good choice for logging my runs? I'm most interested in keeping track of how far I run and I vary my 5 mile route every day. Its a bother to go back out and check every road with my car odometer. I was shopping this morning and found decent prices at bodylink.us but I'm not sure it's what I need. FYI: I noticed they're drawing for free a GPS or Heart Monitor watch in October.



I think you will find it to be an excellent investment!! I just got mine a week ago (a Model 54012) from Al's and have been extremely pleased with it. I've found it to be very accurate and precise. I've checked it against my car and bike odometers and its clearly the better of the 3. My only dismay has been that it measures my previous rtes a bit shorter than I thought they were!!

There has been some concern about possibly losing the satellite signal if you live in heavily wooded area or near tall buildings or mountains but in my suburban location with moderate trees I have yet to lose the signal. Found it very easy to use, no calibration necessary and the receiver not excessively bulky. Did I say I liked it? The only real gripe I have is that with all the data it displays the digits are a bit small and for us middle aged can be a bit difficult to read during a run. Nevertheless I think its a great buy.